Installing Local Server Environment & Site



  1. Download and install Local by FlyWheel.  The site will require you to fill in a form with your details. This is part of their marketing. If you do not want the emails they send through just unsubscribe from them.
  2. If there are any dependencies Local will request that they are downloaded at time of installation.
  3. Once Local has been installed open up and select the + tab to add a new site to the environment.

    Add a new site button

  4. This will bring up the auto installer for the local WordPress installation. Fill out the details on this dialogue box with a name for you site. Leave everything else as this will be automatically configured by Local. Click Continue once it has turned Green.
    Adding a site name instructions
    Add a site name instructions

    Completed instructions

  5. Keep everything as the preferred Environment. Click Continue once it has turned Green.

    Installation Environment

  6. On the next screen create a username and password leaving the wordpress email as the default. Keep a record of this as you will need it when we go into the Admin area of the site. Click the Add Site button once it has turned Green.
    user name and password
    Adding a username and password

    Once the site has been created you will go back to the main window where the installation will take place. You will be asked for your computer’s administrator password twice as it makes changes to various files.

    Site installed successfully

    Click the “View Site’ button in the top right hand side and your browser should open with the front page of the new installation as per the video.

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