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  1. Go to to create an account to have access to free server space for your online environment
  2. Once you have verified your email by selecting the link in the email sends you, you will have access to the control panel of your web host.
  3. In here follow the video to change the settings of your hosting to match that of your local environment. PHP 7.1 is the default server version of PHP.  Give the site a meaningful name that will be used to find your site online to begin with.
  4. Once you have done that you can now go to the build website icon and select the install WordPress option. This will then install a fresh copy of WordPress on your web hosting account. Remember to use a Username other than admin so that your site is less vulnerable to hacking. This is one of the precautions we take along with some others we install.

8 thoughts on “Install Remote Server Environment & Site”

  1. Michelle Keller says:

    No control panel is visible on!!! Help.

    1. Codemaster Institute says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Once you’ve registered an account on
      You should login with your details (login link here:
      You will then see the control panel (a bunch of buttons) at the top of the site (beneath the grey banner with the site name). The buttons are “Build website”; “Set web address”; “File manger”; “Manage database”; “Manage emails”; “Settings”.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Sara Nelson says:

    Hi. When I click on ‘Go to configuration page’ on 000webhost I get the following error:’s server DNS address could not be found.

    I’m using google chrome on Apple Mac if that makes a difference. I’ve tried clearing the cache and still no luck. Thanks, Sara

    1. Codemaster Institute says:

      Hi Sara,
      We sadly have little control over the 000webhost servers, so I’ll try my best to assist.
      I recommend you try the following:
      1 – Once logged in to 000webhost, click on the “Settings” button, then click on “General”.
      Then scroll down to the “Repair my website” section and click the “Repair” button.
      Then go back to the “Build website” option and try the WordPress installation again.

      2 – If the above does not work, create a new website on 000webhost by clicking on your profile icon on the top right, then on the drop-down menu, click “My Websites”
      Then, further down the page, click the big plus button to add another website. Then repeat the steps as shown in our course video.

      3 – As a last resort, try using Mozilla Firefox web browser instead.

      Hopefully this solves your problem!
      The Codemaster Institute team

      1. Sara Nelson says:

        Thanks for your suggestions. I tried suggestion 1 & 2 above on both google chrome and safari with no luck and then as last resort tried mozilla firefox and got the error “unable to connect to the server’ (firewall is not a problem as I checked). I’m using a macbook and have now tried google chrome, safari, and mozilla firefox. Very frustrated so any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

        1. Codemaster Institute says:

          Hi Sara,
          Glad you got it sorted!
          Give us a shout at if you need any further assistance.
          Steve at Codemaster Institute

  3. Sara Nelson says:

    Ok so I’ve used a different laptop altogether and managed to progress past the Configuration page. Fingers crossed things go smoothly here on in 🙂

    1. Codemaster Institute says:

      Hi Sara,
      Glad you got it sorted!
      Give us a shout at if you need any further assistance.
      Steve at Codemaster Institute

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