Coding 101 – Website Development


Learn the fundamentals of coding while creating a web page with this easy to follow, step by step online course. This course will help you understand the introductory concepts of web development and give some insight into work involved in creating a website.

You will work on building your basic page at the end of the course.

The videos are short, explaining one concept at a time, making it easy to follow along.

So jump right in and get started!

Topics Covered:

  • HTML Basics
  • CSS Basics

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2 Hours

Difficulty: Beginner

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Course Instructor

Codemaster Institute Codemaster Institute Author

Codemaster Institute’s coding and web software development courses will help you make a living in the digital age; build your career or become an entrepreneur with face to face and online web development courses. Learn to code and become a professional software developer today. It’s practical and hands-on.

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